Tanzanite Collection

Found only in a small 2 x 4 Kms area in the foothills of romantic Mt Kilimanjaro and only"discovered "in 1969, this rare and precious stone reflects it's location. Just as Mt Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world, rears from the burning plains to it's snow capped peak so Tanzanite can energise the whole spectrum of your energy being and raise your evolution to it's highest potential.  It opens your Crown Chakra and 3rd eye which brings spiritual vision and connection, but also opens the sacral which activates creativity. To put it more simply, that divine blue violet colour opens the Soul and inspires it to evolve.

It's no coincidence Tanzanite was discovered in the year we first walked in the Moon, because I've found one of the most positive effects of wearing this stone is that it really helps you push out of old conditioning and achieve new goals. The most fabulous gift of Tanzanite is that through it's vibration we can recover our sense of direction and purpose, allowing Joy to return to our life and work !

It's also a very special stone for anyone with a spiritual practice - be it Yoga, Meditation, prayer or other - and especially useful for those who teach. It's also ideal for people in managerial positions, turning stress into zest and individuals into a team.

There's just no better stone for turning stress into positive loving action and stimulating you to reach your highest potential. Take the pain out of climbing that Mountain - with Tanzanite it can become a joyful adventure :-)

*** Breaking News ~ Without realising, I've got into the habit of wearing my Tanzanite with a companion stone because it always seems to bring out the best in that other stone. I guess this is another result of the Teamwork that Tanzanite engenders. Since some customers have independently reported similar experiences, I'm now adding it Tanzanite's properties.