Larimar Collection

Larimar is a rare type of Pectolite with a very distinctive sky blue colour which only comes from the Dominican Republic, an Island in the Carribean.
This is the stone I go to when I'm suffering long term stress exhaustion because it carries that calm relaxing oceanic energy. Larimar suits me because even the most peaceful ocean vibrates with potential power and so this stone not only relaxes me ~ recharges and empowers.
Often stones evoke memories which explain their nature to you. Larimar always brings back a day I floated in a warm shallow sea ~ blue Sky and Bright Sun, but not burning. Feeling as I floated energies unblocking, relaxing, unwinding. Rejuvenating.
Emotions can be energising or draining depending only on whether we block or accept them. In my experience Larimar encourages frozen emotions to thaw and flow.
The stone also aids meditative communication with higher consciousness and the relaxed empowered state it promotes really helps you to see and overcome old unhealthy patterns.