Blue Scheelite

is a tungsten ore and pure crystals are rare and expensive. This material, also called Lapis Lace Onyx, is a mix of Calcite, Blue Dolomite, and a small amount of Scheelite. This combination is a powerful healer and it was nice for me to find a 'New' Stone that I knew nothing about so following my original protocol I've been wearing and contemplating it for the past week, learning it's energy and effects before I read the books. Happily there is as always a fair amount of agreement !
I found it dropped me into my physical body in a relaxed and connected way, increasing energy levels. The nice thing was lots of early memories carried in the cells surfaced and integrated with my conscious self. I felt much a much deeper connection between my emotional and physical selves which led to  more self understanding. After all our physical body has been there since the beginning and grown with all those experiences and memories, so opening up to them all makes us more complete in the now. This in turn brings greater insight into the outer world.
If I were to sum it up in one sentence ?
Relaxed Tranquil Inner Strength through Deep Self Awareness & Acceptance