AZURITE Collection

Azurite crystals have a wonderful deep indigo blue colour and for me there’s no stone better for cooling the Heart and inspiring the Soul. No matter what stress I’m going through when I focus on my Azurite it’s as if I’m transported away to a quiet safe and serene mountain lake where my Spirit is repaired and healed.This ability to shift you into a spiritual consciousness and vision brings clarity and direction to your life and the confidence that you will arrive.
More poetically with Azurite Energy dew drops of soul light fall down from the Crown to fertilise and awaken the Inner Heart as it vibrates ecstatically in tune with the Universe.
K2 is another interesting Variety, where natural Azurite Flowersnestling in Granite, found on the slopes of K2, the second highest Mountain in  the World. This adds a  more grounded or earthly will to the spiritual vision of Azurite