Shungite is a variety of Jet which only comes from the Karelia area of Siberia. It's been used for centuries to purify water, there's a story that Peter the Great demanded all his soldiers carry a piece in their water bottles.
Shungite became famous when it was found to contain Fullerenes, where the Carbon Atoms have joined together to create molecules with unusual hollow shapes within the stone. Mostly these are spherical, but can be cylindrical. These Fullerenes give Shungite it's healing properties as they can absorb negative energies and particles and in the form of Cylinders it seems to me they are open pathways to funnel Universal Energy into your own Energy Field.
Regular Shungite has about 30 to 60% Carbon and it's very light, with a dull surface.
Noble Shungite has over 90 % Carbon. It's heavier, more beautiful with it's Silver Sheen and Shine and it's much more powerful healing stone.
I keep a chunk on my desk and every time I hold it I feel that calm strength flowing through me.
Shungite water is purified and anti bacterial. It's also recognised as the best stone to combat EMFs.
As Jewellery it's unusual but attractive Jewellery, I find wearing it gives me that underlying calm and strength throughout the day.