Black Star Sapphire & Diopsides

This interesting stone can be found as a green clear crystal or as a black stone commonly known as " Black Star Sapphire " or "Star of India" Unlike the 6 pointed star of true Sapphire the Star of Diopside only has 4 points.

Black Star is mentally a very grounding stone. It helps concentration on the physical world with all it's limitations and restrictions but embodies a Star which maintains your goal and the sense of passing through the problems rather than feeling trapped. In short, it helps you succeed in the world while remembering you're on a path somewhere else. The intense physical and mental concentration engendered by this stone has a strong focus on the Buddhist idea of right action. Karmic consequences. Receiving back the energy you put out.

Interesting then that the name derives from the Greek - two vision, i.e. seeing both sides !

Green Diopside is more concerned with a soft healing balance for the heart. It has a feminine protective caring feeling much like relaxing in a green Forest.

Chrome Diopside is a more vibrant green - energising and tremendous for creative visualisations, exciting the Healing Heart and general abundance of spirit.