Charoite is a rare silicate/feldspar found only by the Chara River in Siberia. Good quality Charoite is therefore quite expensive.

One of the 3 major purple ray stones, the others being Amethyst and Sugilite, Charoite is distinguished by it’s cool and fearless nature.

Charoite helps you see right through to the truth of a subject or situation and gives you the courage to deal with it directly. Fear can twist our clear vision and limit our response but Charoite cuts right through that layer of confusion.

As such it may appear coolly logical but it is far more than but Charoite is also a highly intuitive stone. That rich swirling purple seems to be the very stuff of intuition and connection but rather than drifting off into some spiritual sky it keeps you wonderfully grounded.

Hence Charoite is a wonderful stone for getting your act together and dealing with negative situations with insight and clarity which is a transformation in itself -  but most importantly it makes you realise that every moment of your life is a moment of connected creativity. Life is a continual process of transformation and change.